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The Pope's first visit in 38 years.


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It is our great pleasure to announce that the Vatican has decided the visit to Japan, by Pope Francis. It will be the second visit by pope to Japan, the previous one was by John Paul II in 1981.
The theme of the pope’s visit is PROTECT ALL LIFE, and the special logo has been released. You will be able to touch information: programme, Mass, and more on this website and by other media.


  • President of the CBCJ
    Mitsuaki Takami,
    Archibishop of Nagasaki

    I hope you share my joy at the long-awaited news of Pope Francis’ visit to Japan.
    Pope Francis started his popedom on March 13, 2013, and in July 2014, Archbishop Takeo Okada, then president of the CBCJ, and I as vice president visited to the Vatican with an invitation. Since then, we have petitioned for his visit by several letters. In general audiences, the Pope mentioned the Christian age of Japan and issued a photograph of a boy with the corpse of his baby brother following the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. I suppose these pope's words and actions implied his wish for this visit.
    In my openion, Pope Francis’ visit to Japan must be a remarkable event that cannot be fullfilled without the understanding and cooperation of many people. I am grateful that he will come to Japan with its small number of Christians compared to other countries. We will work hard to make the pope’s visit to Japan a meaningful one.
    Would appreciate your support.